by Dr. Fischer

By Batia Donner
The Eretz Israel Museum - Tel-Aviv

The collection of illustrated covers on display is a
cultural document blending a personal viewpoint
with formal documentation of a historical moment.

Inspired by the idea of setting personal modes of
expression into conjuction with an official state
publication whereby Israel attested to an event of
national and personal importent, the sponsors of
this collection issued a challenge.

One hundered artists were invited to couch a
spontaneous response to the historical moment by
illustrating the first-day cover issued to mark the
signing of the peace treaty between Israel and
Egypt, on March 26, 1979.

The collection of illustrated covers was donated to
the Israel Security Fund (LIBBY); after display in
Jerusalem. It was than purchased by Dr. Eli Fischer
as a donation to the Fund. The collaboration
between an official body, an industrial group and
creative artists, prompted a cycle of involvement
serving a shared national interest.

The Collection is by the Courtesy of Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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