Peace Treaty Art Collection

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Spread thy Shelter of Peace
The dozens of first-day covers compiled for this exhibition manifest a broad and encompassing panorama of conceptions, attitudes and reactions of every kind concerning the peace process. The many artists, veteran and young, from Israel and from abroad, express, on these first-day covers commemorating the peace treaty with Jordan, all the opinions and emotions involved in this event: happiness and doubt, faith and apprehension, anxiety and hope.

This huge and varied choice of forms of expression in many and different materials, techniques, images, symbols and styles, is an enthralling historical, political, cultural and artistic document.

The artists that took part in this project gave up the freedom of choosing their own medium and format and coped with the non- artistic dictate of the first-day cover. The unique way in which each artist comes to terms with his particular envelope creates involvement and a personal touch, both in the association projected by the first-day cover and in its specific details. It is interesting to examine the way each artist approaches the ancient symbol of the dove and the olive branch, the string of words "Spread over us thy shelter of peace," and the postage stamp, which depicts an unending road and a traffic sign with the inscription "Peace." Some artists used these as a starting point and strengthened, stressed, decorated, contended with, or developed them in different directions. Others ignored them, hid them and covered them with different colors and images.

Many artists used the first-day cover as an opportunity to propose ideas for joint projects between the two peoples and the two countries.
Talia Rapaport, Curator


The Collection is by the Courtesy of Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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