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By Dr. Eli Fischer
(From the Catalog of "Artists - Messengers of Peace" Exhibition 1994)

Ten years ago, this collection of first-day covers, issued
to mark the signature of the peace treaty between Israel
and Egypt, came up for auction with the proceeds
pledged to the Israel Security Fund; whereupon I
resolved to purchase it.

I considered this unusual and unique collection deserving
of public exhibition in Israel and other lands. But many
years have elapsed and only now is it on display at the
Eretz Israel Museum in Tel-Aviv, fifteen years after
Israeli artists were invited to express their feelings at
that historic moment.

In the course of my lifetime, I have had occasion to meet
numerous Arabs, whether an Egyptian taken prisoner in the
Sinai campaign, or professional colleagues at international
conventions. With many of them, I shared common spheres
of ourselves on opposing sides of the border. In our
numerous conversations, we voiced the hope that the day
would come when the state of hostility would be at an end.

Following upon the Six Days War, it was my custom to
meet with Palestinian residents of the West Bank,
including a journalist, a doctor, a lawyer, a pharmacist
and an industrialist. Our conversations hinged principally
on peace between Israel and its neighbors. To this day, we
maintain close mutual ties of friendship and work.

I hope that this exhibition, born of the first peace treaty
Israel signed with one of its neighbors, will indeed be
displayed at additional locations throughout the world, to
inculcate Israelís vigorous desire for peace.

The Collection is by the Courtesy of Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

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